Lund University joins the consortium

Lund University joins the consortium

Lund University (ULUND) has officially joined the ScalABLE4.0 consortium!

ULUND has many years of experience with semantic knowledge modelling and intends to contribute with scientific support for the semantic knowledge models. They will support the developments of SkiROS to include improved semantic knowledge databases and reasoning. This will help to properly parameterise robot movements during assembly tasks.

ScalABLE4.0 is a 42 months project that aims to create scalable production systems that connect the factory floor to management. The project will focus on developing software and methodologies to perform a real-time simulation of the factory, plug-n-play hardware and flexible robotic platforms that will be able to safely interact and collaborate with human operators. ScalABLE4.0 aims to push industrial technology further on and shorten the gap between European factories and the Factory of the Future concept.

Stay tuned for more developments of ScalABLE4.0. Follow us @scalable40 and on LinkedIn.

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