Simoldes Use Case

Simoldes Use Case

Simoldes Group Plastic Division Plants are mainly divided into two main processes: Injection and Assembly processes.

Currently, the injection processes are already highly automated, unlike the assembly ones. The wide range of different products, the diversity of complexity levels and demand inherited to each one of them, makes the implementation of traditional robotic solutions extremely difficult.

The different levels of task complexity lead to the consideration of differences between simple and more complex products. Operations belonging to the simpler tasks are mainly packing and simple assemblies and, depending on the product, can be performed next to the injection machine, while the second one (more complex products) need dedicated assembly lines located in a different area within the plant.

ScalABLE4.0 project will trigger a production paradigm change in Simoldes group by developing an automated, flexible and dynamic production system able to answer the group’s current operational challenges. To achieve this, Simoldes chose to embrace and develop two case studies, one focused on the production of simple products and another one for more complex products.

For the simpler one, the first multi-product production line of the group will be developed. The video below showcases the simulation of this line, including the packing of parts with the ScalABLE4.0 robot. For the complex products, the ScalABLE4.0 robot is expected to aid the human operator in the assembly operations of car door handles.

Considering the results obtained from the simulation model for both case studies, ScalABLE 4.0 is expected to impact Simoldes by optimizing the production area of the plant, reducing costs with internal logistics, reducing the product’s cycle time and increasing the productivity and efficiency of the production lines.■

ScalABLE4.0 is a 42 months project that aims to create scalable production systems that connect the factory floor to management. The project will focus on developing software and methodologies to perform a real-time simulation of the factory, plug-n-play hardware and flexible robotic platforms that will be able to safely interact and collaborate with human operators. ScalABLE4.0 aims to push industrial technology further on and shorten the gap between European factories and the Factory of the Future concept.

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