A year in Review

A year in Review

Time flies and ScalABLE4.0 is already one year old!

Many things happened in the first year of this project. During this intensive year, the consortium has been working hard to make the project vision come true. ScalABLE4.0 developments are deeply rooted in the use cases and therefore the visits to the end-user sites, to Simoldes on the 3rd of February and to PSA on the 27th of April 2017, played a central role in the first year of ScalABLE4.0. On top of these meetings, the consortium held 2 physical meetings, one at Copenhagen and the other at Brussels, that complemented the highly frequent interactions via the web, and organized technical workshops.

Legend: Left – Consortium in Simoldes (Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal); Center – Consortium at Metz during the visit to PSA (France); Right – Workshop in Fraunhofer IPA (Stuttgart, Germany).

On the technical side, the focus on the first year was on the specification of the ScalABLE4.0 software and hardware framework, and on the test of the main software developments to be included in the ScalABLE4.0 system. These developments include force controlled assembly systems, projection mapping, simulation of manufacturing processes, integration interfaces and the robotic platform. ■

Legend: Left – Projection Mapping;  Right – Robotic Platform 3D Model.

Legend: Simulation Model

ScalABLE4.0 is a 42 months project that aims to create scalable production systems that connect the factory floor to management. The project will focus on developing software and methodologies to perform a real-time simulation of the factory, plug-n-play hardware and flexible robotic platforms that will be able to safely interact and collaborate with human operators. ScalABLE4.0 aims to push industrial technology further on and shorten the gap between European factories and the Factory of the Future concept.

Stay tuned for more developments of ScalABLE4.0. Follow us @scalable40 and on LinkedIn.

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