WP5 – Vertical Integration

What will we do?

The development of the integration architecture that connects management and IT systems (ERP/MES), decision support systems (FabView and Simulation), the Advanced Plant Model and the resources on the shop floor (operators, robots and machines) is the goal of this workpackage. With this, changes in demand can be re-acted on dynamically.

The key role for the vertical integration plays the capability of performing a skill-based planning and execution of tasks while incorporating the current state of the plant model with a new level of information complexity and variety (e.g. physical dimensions, energy consumption).

WP5 Vertical integration

3D, Real Time

Advanced Plant Model

Development of an advanced plant model that could hold plant information from manufacturing tasks.


Human-Robot Skill Mapping

Develop a map to integrate standard operations procedures with robot skills.

Task Based

Process Planning and Execution

Map skills with operations and equipment, optimizing the MES to assign resources and execute tasks automatically.


Component Integration

Connect MES with ERP, Decision Support Systems, Advanced Plant Model and the Shop Floor.