WP6 – Simulation

What will we do?

This work package aims to implement simulation-optimization software applications for reducing the costs and improving the production flexibility and resources efficiency of manufacturing systems during the complex decision making processes that goes from the design to the operation of such systems.

The approach encompasses the design and development of an innovative decision support prototype that aims at giving an answer to how the manufacturing system should be configured in terms of machines/operators and run to ensure competitive costs, performance and flexibility.

WP6 - Simulation

Abstraction Layer

Semantic Reference Data Model

Different manufacturing systems entities will be virtually represented and defined according to their specific characteristics, skills and properties, while achieving a standardization of manufacturing system’s characteristics.

3D, Real Time

Advanced Plant Model Visualization

A software module that captures a real-time snapshot of the “World Model” in a given time, that supports the subsequent simulation of several production scenarios involving different configurations of production machines/robots and human workers.

Filter Useful Information

Dynamic Manufacturing System Behaviour

Populate ontologies based on information that can be collected directly from sensors and machines in the shop floor.


Simulation and Optimizer

A software-based tool able to simulate different scenarios in a given production system, for test of different scenarios.