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Simoldes Plásticos

Simoldes Plásticos S.A, The Simoldes Group was born in 1959 with the creation of Simoldes Aços, dedicated to the fabrication of metallic moulds for plastic part injection. In 1980 group enters in the production of Plastic parts by mould injection with the creation of Simoldes Plásticos. The continuous growth of both segments leaded to the internationalization of the group to Brasil, France, Romania, Poland and in 2006 Simoldes was awarded the Biggest European Tool Manufacturer for the Automotive industry. Simoldes Plásticos is a tier 1 supplier of a large number of automotive OEM’s, such as Renault, Volvo, VW, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, Porsche, Mercedes and Since May 2012 the Simoldes Group is one Fournisseur Majeur from PSA Peugeot Citröen.

The Simoldes Plásticos S.A participation in ScalABLE is motivated by an ongoing shift in the company strategy towards the increased efficiency of the post injection manufacturing operations, namely assembly and packaging.

This strategy is focused on reducing non added value tasks and also on the increasing capability of providing more complete products to its customers.

Simoldes Group - Plastic Division


Main Tasks

In ScalABLE, Simoldes will act as an end user and will provide a detailed description of the industrial setup and will throughout the project bridge the R&D developments with the shopfloor needs and constraints.
Simoldes will provide dedicated human and technical resources for the realization of the test consecutive test sprints, namely with a dedicated multi-product assembly and packaging line. The access to this real assembly line will guarantee that the research results can be scaled and incorporated in several plants of the group.
Additionally, due to the experience of the involved R&D robotic team of Simoldes, critical issues regarding reusability, reliability, robustness, maintainability, safety and usability will be carefully addressed.

Contact Person

Rui Tavares