SARKKIS is a spin-off company of the University of Coimbra founded in the end of 2011. Incubated at UPTEC in Porto develops innovation on mechatronics software.
With strong links to the academia, SARKKIS combines research on robotics in fields such as bin picking, programming by demonstration, and human robot interfaces with a portfolio of products for offline programming of robots for structural steel fabrication.

In its regular activity also acts as a robotics system integrator and although young have already provided software and robotics system to Europe, South America an Oceania.

Sarkkis Robotics


Main Tasks

SARKKIS Robotics will be mostly involved in the development of user interfaces, offline robotic programming, projection mapping, and advanced sensing for the ScalABLE robot. It will also act as the system integrator mostly for the Simoldes Plásticos demonstrator.

Contact Person

José Oliveira