WP3 – Plug’n’Produce

What will we do?

In this workpackage, elements on the shop floor will be converted to plug’n’produce technologies. The goal is to create efficient communication interfaces that allow robots and machines to be almost as easy to use as USB drivers: you just plug and everything will run smoothly.

The horizontal integration of the flexible robotic equipment into the production line will be addressed, simplifying the interface of these systems and saving operators’ time and patience.


Developing Effective Interfaces

Communication interfaces standards will be created.

Robots & Machines

Horizontal Integration

Implementation of missing bridges among interfaces, allowing interoperability of robotic equipment and the environment.

Robot Skill Mapping

Semi-Automatic Device Discovery

Mapping hardware-independent robotic skills to hardware dependent skills primitives.

User Interface

Skills Mapping at Planning Time

Users will be able to visualize and review the generated system models and hardware-specific skills.