Critical Manufacturing


Critical Manufacturing

Critical Manufacturing is a part of the Critical Group, a private group of companies founded in 1998 to provide solutions for mission and business critical information systems. Its success lies in bringing quality and innovation to its customers’ IT systems in a timely and cost effective manner. The group companies have a solid track record of delivering quality projects on time and within budget and have successfully released technologies and products worldwide.

Critical Manufacturing has its headquarters and main technical centre in Portugal and additional facilities in U.S.A., Germany and China.
Critical Manufacturing possesses relevant experience in Production Control Applications, system optimization, planning & control systems, development of applications for technical statistics, wafer testing, yield reporting, product data analysis, reliability control and critical applications.

Critical Manufacturing


Main Tasks

Critical manufacturing is the leader for WP5, Vertical enterprise integration, and their main tasks will be on the development of the ScalABLE MES system. CMF will also work in WP3 and WP6, in the interconnection of the MES system both with the simulation and decision support tools and with the low level protocols for interconnection.
Together with the other present companies will have a key role on the use case definition in WP2.

Contact Person

Augusto Vilarinho