SkiROS2 open-source release

SkiROS2 open-source release

SkiROS2 (Skill-based robot control platform V2.0) and skill libraries

We are glad to announce that the open-source release of SkiROS2 (Skill-based robot control platform V2.0) developed during the Scalable4.0 project is now publicly available at:

SkiROS2 is a platform to create complex robot behaviors by composing skills – modular software blocks – into behavior trees. The platform has been used successfully to program kitting and assembly solutions and to solve challenges like the ARIAC competition.

SkiROS offers the following main features:

  • A reactive execution engine based on Behavior trees;
  • A skill-based plugin system to keep the behaviors organized, modular and reusable;
  • A semantic RDF database to store information about the environment, run queries and integrate reasoning algorithms;
  • Integrated PDDL Fast Downward task planning to generate behavior trees dynamically.

Robots coordinated with SkiROS can be used in partially structured environments, in which the robot has a good initial understanding of the environment, but it is also expected to find discrepancies, fail using initial plans and react accordingly.

The work is tailored for researchers in the field of agile industrial robotics, but it can potentially be used for any kind of use case.

Together with the platform, we are providing a set of common skills (skiros2_std_lib) and examples (skiros2_examples) to try out SkiROS right away. Introduction and tutorials are available here.

If you have any comment or feedback, please reach out to us at .

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