Final Results

Final Results

The ScalABLE4.0 production system includes, not only, the ScalABLE4.0 robot system, but also different high-level and integration software components that allow the flexible adjustment of the automation level of each production line according to the production demand and the available resources. The video below showcases the different components of the ScalABLE4.0 production system applied within the scope of one of the project use cases (Simoldes Plásticos use case). In this case, the platform of the ScalABLE4.0 robot is movable.

Moreover, the two videos below address the Complex assembly operation and the mobile autonomous platform developed within the scope of the second use case of the project (PSA use case).

Contact us if you are interested to know more details about the ScalABLE4.0 production system.

ScalABLE4.0 is a 42 months project that aims to create scalable production systems that connect the factory floor to management. The project will focus on developing software and methodologies to perform a real-time simulation of the factory, plug-n-play hardware and flexible robotic platforms that will be able to safely interact and collaborate with human operators. ScalABLE4.0 aims to push industrial technology further on and shorten the gap between European factories and the Factory of the Future concept.

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